How to Use Google Gemini’s full potential: 10 easy-to-follow suggestions

Google is releasing a standalone iOS and Android app and renaming its Bard Chatbot as Gemini. Having Google Gemini can be like having a reliable partner when it comes to productivity tools, as it can streamline all of your chores and improve your overall efficiency.

Regarding artificial intelligence chatbots, we are acquainted with ChatGPT and its ability to assist millions of individuals globally in their career endeavors. Google Bard is now Google Gemini, a clever AI tool that can assist professionals across a range of professions and is just as strong and approachable.

But not everyone is familiar with Google Gemini, so some people could be reluctant to take full advantage of this AI resource. It’s critical to comprehend Google Gemini’s features and how they can benefit you if you want to use it to its full potential.

To help you get the most out of this incredible tool, we will explore Google Gemini’s optimal settings and useful applications in this post.

Google Gemini is a really powerful tool, as we all know, but before we explore all of its features, it’s crucial to set up the ideal settings for your needs. To guarantee the best possible Gemini experience, follow these steps:

To make the interface more aesthetically pleasant, turn on the dark theme by clicking the gear icon at the bottom right. Again, this primarily relies on one’s particular preferences, however, we feel that this is beneficial for longer usage.

1. Real-time response: Obtaining prompt and precise answers is the main goal of utilizing an AI chatbot. Turn on the real-time response feature to promote more efficient communication and smoother working. The Dark Theme option has a button directly beneath it.

2. Preferences for extensions: If you are using a personal Google account, go to extensions and confirm that YouTube and Google Workspace are enabled. To avoid needless disruptions, we suggest that you think about turning off further extensions.

3. Keep abreast: Since Gemini still lacks many features, be sure to check for updates often to have access to the newest additions. It’s possible that Google business accounts may not now offer the extension capability.

4. Prompt recommendations: With this feature, you can experiment with Google’s pre-made prompt structures to improve the way you interact with Gemini. These customized questions can guarantee the best results.

5. Voice interaction: Using voice commands to operate Gemini hands-free is an entertaining method to interact with the device. Just press the microphone icon, speak your request aloud, and Gemini will produce answers.

6. Customizable responses: You can modify Gemini’s responses to better fit your needs. To ensure clarity and consistency in communication, you can achieve this by modifying the response’s length, tone, and complexity to fit the audience and context.

7. Fact-checking capabilities: You can use the fact-checking tool to confirm the correctness of Gemini’s responses. By selecting the Google icon, you can distinguish between trustworthy and questionable information. A yellow accent may indicate that the information is less reliable, whereas a green highlight indicates that Google Gemini is generally correct.

8. Effortless sharing: Easily distribute prompts and answers to associates or partners. To effectively disseminate knowledge, Gemini also lets you customize headlines and summaries before sharing links with the public.

After setting up your Google Gemini account, take a closer look at some of the useful features that can end up saving you many hours. Google Gemini may be very helpful for organizing emails, visual prompts, and summarizing YouTube videos.

9. Make effective use of Gemini’s features to organize your inbox and handle your emails. All you have to do is tag Gmail with the @ shortcut to have immediate access to Gmail-specific functions. To find emails with a given subject, use “@Gmail show emails with”. This will cut down on the amount of time needed to tidy up the inboxes. An example command would be: @Gmail shows emails mentioning business pitches.

10. Gemini’s effective data extraction and processing. The chatbot makes it easier to extract data from photos so that in-depth research can take place. If your tabular data is in an unusable format, you can save a lot of time on data input and analytical activities by simply pasting a picture containing the tabular data, which Gemini can then transform into a useful format.

Just copy and paste the instructions to include the image. To extract data into Excel sheets, users can even take screenshots of tables and request that Gemini provide them in tables.

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